March 2012
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1581 Browning
Irvine CA 92606 USA
Phone: 866-DO-KENDO

More framing of the first floor

Framing Started

The framing started, and this seems to go fast.

Material arriving

Now that the foundation is done, the next step is to do the rough construction. A lot of lumber material has arrived today.

Building the foundation for the building

The foundation for the building is almost done. They have put the steel bars, and poured the concrete.

Air conditioning installation

I personally do not think that we need an A/C system in a Kendo Dojo, specially here in Southern California. However, the California building code requires us to have a heater. Since, the price of a heater only system and a heat/cold air system is not much different, we decided to go with the dual one. We are very spoiled. We have 4 huge A/C system for this Dojo.

It took them two whole days to drill 4 holes on this concrete wall.

Drain in the bathrooms and kitchen

Connecting to the sewer

On the parking lot side, the digging continues. This is to connect the drain to the sewer.

1 hour wall between the Dojo and the E-BOGU warehouse

1 hour wall is an insulated wall that, if there is a fire, the fire does not pass through from one side of the wall to the other. This used to be a large loading area for the E-BOGU warehouse, but it has now been divided in two. One side will continue to be a warehouse. The other side will be the future lobby for the Dojo.

Cracking the concrete for the new foundation

Now, they started cracking the concrete foundation.
The foundation needs to go down 4 ft. The smell of the dirt is pretty bad.

Cutting the asphalt to connect the sewer line

We have to also cut the asphalt on the parking lot to connect the sewer line to the new bathroom and kitchen on the Dojo side.