January 2011
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1581 Browning
Irvine CA 92606 USA
Phone: 866-DO-KENDO

The very last practice at the old Butokuden Dojo

Thank you Old Dojo!
Today was the past practice.
We have been here for 6 years. Many people started Kendo here.

See you all at the new Dojo.
New Dojo address: 1581 Browning, Irvine, CA 92606

More sleepers and plywood…

Placing the top layer Maple Flooring

Once the sleepers are evenly placed at a interval of 1 feet, and then the Plywood is placed on top, then the 3rd layer of wood is placed. This is the final and top layer of hardwood. This wood was imported from Canada, which is supposed to have the best Canadian Maple.

The hard wood is placed freely on top pf the plywood, to see the pattern of the wood grain, and also to see how it will look. I can now start picturing how the Dojo will look.

They start from the Center of the Dojo, and move outwards.

Placing the sleepers and the plywood over the vinyl sheet

Once the vinyl sheet is placed, then the sleeper plywood is placed over the sheet 1 feet apart. Then the plywood is stapled on to the sleeper. The sleeper is free over the concrete.

BUTOKUDEN Kendo Dojo Floor Construction

First a thick vinyl sheet was placed over the concrete, in order to keep the humidity from the floor to come up into the floor wood.

The first layer that comes on top of the vinyl sheet is the sleeper plywood (3/4 inches thick, 6 inches wide), with a special rubber on the bottom.

BUTOKUDEN Kendo Dojo Floor Construction has Started

We first painted the walls before we started the floor construction.

More Dojo Floor Material has arrived!

Now most of the materials for the Dojo Floor has arrived. Our Dojo floor has 4 layers in total. I will be post every work done step-by-step form now.

Separation wall is almost done

This is the wall that separates the Dojo and the warehouse. Now that the wall is up, the space feels smaller…

Placing the Mats in the Karate Area

The Karate Dojo was easy to setup. It took them a couple of hours to clean and place the Karate Mats. This is temporary, but they can start practicing here from tonight.

We use out own product:
Premium Double Thickness Martial Arts Dojo Mat 1-5/8” (40MM) Red and Blue Reversible

Fix the concrete floor

Before we place the Dojo floor, we fixed some concrete areas which was not even. We took the opportunity to sign our names while the concrete was still fresh. Our names will be there as long as I have the Dojo here.

Also the Dojo Architect, Tony Kuo-san.