September 2010
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1581 Browning
Irvine CA 92606 USA
Phone: 866-DO-KENDO

Our location

I have searched in Google Maps, and this is where our new building is located.

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This is the official location for E-BOGU.COM and BUTOKDEN Dojo.

Roll-up door problem

We encountered our first problem with the building today. Every time we try to close the warehouse roll-up door, the chain comes off, and we have to climb up the ladder to fix it. It has become quite a headache. So we decided to call the roll-up door guys who left a sticker with their phone number. they came the next day and did a good job. they changed the phone mechanism.

Before the improvement…

I took these pictures to keep a record of the inside of the building before I make any improvements on this building. The building was actually in a pretty good condition, and the office area was quite clean…

This is the office area where our staff will be working. The carpet needs to be cleaned. Maybe I am going to change with flooring, before we move in.

The Kitchen space is in the hall area. Pretty clean.

This office is a little small, but it has windows all across one wall.

I have chosen this office for me. However, there is no window, so I will probably make an opening for the window or a glass door.

Another view of the warehouse.

@ the New Warehouse

We closed escrow on 9/3/2010. That night, we gathered at the new warehouse to celebrate our new Headquarters.

Missing in this photo: Toya