September 2020
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1581 Browning
Irvine CA 92606 USA
Phone: 866-DO-KENDO

Cracking the concrete for the new foundation

Now, they started cracking the concrete foundation.
The foundation needs to go down 4 ft. The smell of the dirt is pretty bad.

Cutting the concrete to make a foundation

First, you mark down the concrete with a straight line. Then you start cutting the concrete. These machines are quite powerful.

BUTOKUDEN Dojo Featured in Kendo Nippon Magazine

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Kendo Nippon Magazine Article

Finally, Dojo Floor is Finished!!

After 4 layers of Matte Finish polish, the floor looks beautiful!
Here are some pictures. I can not wait for to practice on this new floor.

Layer of floor finish

After the sanding is done, they will place 4 layers of matte finish coat on the floor. I did not want to put any coat, in order to leave the natural floor finish, when practicing, but the floor guys recommended that we put some type of finish. That way, it will protect the hardwood from water. These pictures shows the floor shining, because the sealer is not dry. I chose the most natural color, which is the transparent finish, in order to be able to see the natural floor color.

Sanding down the surface

The next step is to sand down the surface of the top layer. They brought in this machine that you ride on, and sand down by driving on the floor.

They finished placing all the maple surface!

After all, it took them about 1 week to finish nailing down all the top layer. It looks very nice! I can’t wait to practice here. Right now the surface is still rough. The next step is to sand down the surface with a fine sand paper.

Placing the Top Layer

They had to let the wood “get used to” the nice Southern California climate, before start nailing down. So the floor guys were gone for a week. Now they are back making noise again. They have started nailing down the floor pieces, just like a puzzle.

More sleepers and plywood…

Placing the top layer Maple Flooring

Once the sleepers are evenly placed at a interval of 1 feet, and then the Plywood is placed on top, then the 3rd layer of wood is placed. This is the final and top layer of hardwood. This wood was imported from Canada, which is supposed to have the best Canadian Maple.

The hard wood is placed freely on top pf the plywood, to see the pattern of the wood grain, and also to see how it will look. I can now start picturing how the Dojo will look.

They start from the Center of the Dojo, and move outwards.