February 2021
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1581 Browning
Irvine CA 92606 USA
Phone: 866-DO-KENDO

Framing Started

The framing started, and this seems to go fast.

Cutting the asphalt to connect the sewer line

We have to also cut the asphalt on the parking lot to connect the sewer line to the new bathroom and kitchen on the Dojo side.

Foundation of the building

The first step of the construction will be to dig the foundation of the building. It will be extremely dusty, so we will cover the construction zone with a huge plastic, so we can still keep practicing while the construction goes on.

BUTOKUDEN Dojo Featured in Kendo Nippon Magazine

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Kendo Nippon Magazine Article

We have moved!

We moved all our products, and we have started the new operation at the new warehouse.
I have keep half of the warehouse clear, so we can start building the Dojo. Our lease at the old Dojo ended, so now until March, we will be practicing with Tustin Dojo.

Our location

I have searched in Google Maps, and this is where our new building is located.

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This is the official location for E-BOGU.COM and BUTOKDEN Dojo.

@ the New Warehouse

We closed escrow on 9/3/2010. That night, we gathered at the new warehouse to celebrate our new Headquarters.

Missing in this photo: Toya

New Home for BUTOKUDEN Dojo

We finally found a new location for the Butokuden Dojo. It is located in Irvine, very close from our current location. It will be the home for E-BOGU.COM Inc. headquarters as well. It was always my dream to have the workplace and the Dojo together, so I can always work and practice.