June 2019
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1581 Browning
Irvine CA 92606 USA
Phone: 866-DO-KENDO

1 hour wall between the Dojo and the E-BOGU warehouse

1 hour wall is an insulated wall that, if there is a fire, the fire does not pass through from one side of the wall to the other. This used to be a large loading area for the E-BOGU warehouse, but it has now been divided in two. One side will continue to be a warehouse. The other side will be the future lobby for the Dojo.

Cracking the concrete for the new foundation

Now, they started cracking the concrete foundation.
The foundation needs to go down 4 ft. The smell of the dirt is pretty bad.

Cutting the asphalt to connect the sewer line

We have to also cut the asphalt on the parking lot to connect the sewer line to the new bathroom and kitchen on the Dojo side.

Cutting the concrete to make a foundation

First, you mark down the concrete with a straight line. Then you start cutting the concrete. These machines are quite powerful.

Foundation of the building

The first step of the construction will be to dig the foundation of the building. It will be extremely dusty, so we will cover the construction zone with a huge plastic, so we can still keep practicing while the construction goes on.

Butokuden Dojo before construction

Here are some pictures of the Dojo taken before the construction.

Construction Starts!

We have started construction on February 20, 2012. This is a good day to start construction on the Japanese and Chinese calendar. The construction crew, and E-BOGU staff, gathered for a celebration.

Building Permit

This is what I was waiting for. Finally our Building plan has been approved. Now we are ready to start building!

BUTOKUDEN Dojo Featured in Kendo Nippon Magazine

for a high resolution, click here

Kendo Nippon Magazine Article

AUSKF High Rank Kendo Senseis Practice at Butokuden

This weekend is the AUSKF Board Meeting, and we had the high rank AUSKF senseis to come practice at our Dojo. They all liked the Dojo floor :)

Thank you to all the Senseis who came to practice, and thank you Vincent and Darren for the great pictures!